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Kim Saffin

I contacted Carmen after our third baby was born, feeling overwhelmed after battling with mastitis in the first couple of weeks after she arrived, and fatigue in the final stages of my pregnancy – I’d felt I’d lost my way with my positive outlook and parenting toward our other two children. I felt I was snapping and reacting instead of responding to them, especially our son Parker, who was adjusting to the fact he was no longer the littlest and much of my attention had gone towards feeding due to the reoccurring incidence with mastitis. Carmen was so amazing, she helped me get back on track, discussed and sent me some files to include hubby in with the understanding around communicating with Mr 2 and working through our boundary setting and the tantrums that he had been having a lot! Within a week or two we noticed a huge difference after incorporating the strategies and finding out feet again. I feel so much more confident and back to where I was previously and feel our relationship with all the children is at a much healthier level too. Thank You Carmen. 

Lisa Hurst

Carmen is a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. On my first visit she made me feel welcome and comfortable, I easily opened up to her. I have learnt many things from Carmen and look forward to seeing her for more sessions. I’d like to take this time to thank you for your help, I know I haven’t seen you in a while it’s been hectic here! I’ve been following your guidelines and I’m happy to say it really did help me and I can honestly say I’ve chosen to move on from the past and not let it hold me back. I will continue to follow the suggestions you have given me and look forward to a happier brighter future! Xxx

Goolwa Children's Centre

Just wanted to thank you for the great sessions you ran at Goolwa last Thursday. Since your talk, I have really been conscious of the energy I bring into situations, particularly in my home-life with teenagers, and can already see the significant difference it makes when I do some calming breathing on my way home in order to “re-set” before walking in. I also really got a lot out of the session about the four horsemen and am much more conscious of my thoughts when I start to think in the criticism domain.