Counselling & Coaching

Holistic Counselling

Counselling and coaching provide you support for people experiencing challenges in their life. Our practitioners will help you identify and work through these difficulties. Our practitioners use techniques such as talking therapy to assist people to reach their own resolutions or develop strategies to address and remedy their concerns. We work with clients on a specific issue for a designated period of time rather than a long duration, with a view to fostering the client’s wellbeing
and supporting them through personal problems or life transitions.

Sessions start at $99 per hour


Mindfulness is everywhere, it is the wellness industry buzzword, and for good reason. In today’s society we are always classed as ‘busy’. Our lives are full to the brim with work, home life, adventure, children, social lives, social media, and much more. Research demonstrates this leads to an overactive mind, monkey mind if you will. Eventually our mind shuts up shop because we haven’t nurtured it like we would a sick child or pet or friend. Our mind needs space, to process emotions, keep our executive functioning high and to bring out the creativeness. Mindfulness is not sitting in a cave on dirt floor, it is much kinder than that and it can open doors we have never considered. Join one of our practitioners to learn the background of mindfulness and how to integrate it into your everyday life with ease.

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Positive Behaviour Support

Individual Counselling within the NDIS framework for Positive Behaviour Support assists clients to work towards making positive changes to their wellbeing. Individual Counselling is described by the NDIS as facilitating self-knowledge, emotional acceptance and growth and the optimal development of personal resources on a one to one basis. We assist participants to work towards their personal goals and gain a greater insight into their lives. 

Session prices are guided by the NDIS Price Guide

"Had an amazing sessions with Carmen at our Weight Watchers meeting tonight, focussing on gratitude and thankfulness. All coaches and members came out of the session feeling uplifted and inspired. Can't wait to experience more sessions in the future!"
"Carmen's space is very calming/relaxing, I feel at ease every time I see Carmen she is amazing. Her guidance is very down to earth, I could not recommend her more highly."
Alicia Wooldridge
"Carmen is a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. On my first visit she made me feel welcome and comfortable, I easily opened up to her. I have learnt many things from Carmen and look forward to seeing her for more sessions."
Lisa Hurst

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