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Resource Pack helps you step through each of the eBook chapters to assess, educate and plan for your child’s wellbeing and mindful journey through life. 

Purchase our Resources Pack to seamlessly work your way through book with all quizzes, lists and resources at your fingertips.

The ability to print, use and frame all of the resources in this book is an asset you’ll wonder how you lived without!

Stick all your favourite resources right on the fridge so everyone can use them at a quick glance, even the children.

In The Parenting Guide, parenting and mindfulness expert Carmen Bliss provides a guide to reveal how self care and mindful parenting can help us enjoy the messy reality that is parenting. This inspiring, empowering guide to making your parenting journey a means to achieve peace of mind, will give parents the skills to enjoy every moment with their children. Key learnings include: self care and how important it is for parents to put themselves first; gain knowledge about child development; learn how to regulate and understand your child’s emotions; and how to become an emotion coach within your family.

Throughout The Parenting Guide eBook we cover

  • Self Care: How to start taking care of yourself again as the parent. This chapter covers your journey and knowledge around the aspects of self care
  • Child Brain Development: Conquer tantrums by understanding your child’s brain and how to communicate when they are not listening
  • Emotional Intelligence in Children: How to teach your child about emotions and how to nurture them yourself
  • Building Resilience in Children: Equip your child to be confident in the world and in themselves by building resilience

Find  joy through stress-free, parenting, with Inspired Wellbeing Co.’s bestselling guide.


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