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Are you just collecting $200 and passing go?

Are you living your BEST life or just collecting $200 and passing go?

After a review was announced in my ‘mortgage paying’ job again this week, I found myself pondering the meaning in my life. I found myself asking the deep questions to reinvigorate my soul once again.
What lights me up? What gives me energy? Who is present with me? Who are my soul tribe?
What intrinsic meaning can I find in every relationship or situation?
Meaning couldn’t be more wanted right now, it’s on everyone’s mind. What is my purpose here on Earth?

With society being a one touch gratification bank, think socials, Netflix, online shopping, ego and status, materialism, consumerism, smartphones and it all leads to one thing, a lack of space in our lives to contemplate and find meaning. Contemplating life is, kids who leave the house to play outside after breakfast and don’t come home for lunch because they’re having too much fun. Adults who sit around talking at dinner parties without touching a phone or device, watching TV with ad breaks so you have a conversation with your partner or family in the ads. I could go on but I think most people get it.

So how do we cultivate this meaning back into our lives?
As human beings we need obstacles to overcome to create meaning in our lives. We need meaning to make living bearable. Life is not some ‘cheat’ on a board game where you zoom past go and collect $200. You have to go to jail or get sent back to home in order to overcome the obstacles. The point of life is to overcome challenges you couldn’t previously overcome and experience growth in yourself. To experience the process of progress. To find your meaning in every small interaction or action you do. You could find washing the dishes a complete waste of time. What if you thought about the meaning behind washing the dishes. I wash the dishes to keep my precious family’s health well, to be proud of the space I live in, to teach my children about life skills and I create the time to chat to my Husband as we do it. The meaning ‘of’ life is a summary of why we are here on Earth as a species. The meaning in your life is what fuels your desire to keep living.

“The key difference I think is in the important but subtle difference between “meaning of” and “meaning in.” The “meaning of” my life suggests a summarization. Whereas, “meaning in” opens the possibility to why and how the various life roles we have can provide us with meaning.” – David Penglase

I’m challenging you today to put down your devices, stop filling holes in your soul with online shopping and after pay and find some meaning in the small things you achieve every day.
Ask yourself: 

What is something you appreciate about yourself?
What is something that allows you to experience joy, purpose and meaning?
What is a purpose you serve that is bigger than you?

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